Smile and make them smiling

In few days it will be my birthday.

The job place I work in, gives a present to every employee for birthdays. This year the present really surprises me: altought it is usually something about solidariety, this year I received a code to get in the “dr. Sonrisa” (dr. Smile) web page and send a clown to a Spanish hospital to make a sick child laughing and smiling.


If you want to send a Dr. Smile, you can do it donating just 10 euros…

Anche io avrei bisogno di un Doctor Sonrisa, alle volte.



About Raffaella di iorio Photography

I am an italian girl but – at the moment and since 2006 – I live in Madrid, Spain. I am always dreaming of being travelling all around the world… with my Canon in the hands of course. My biggest dream is to be a professional photographer. Guys, I am working on it. In this blog you will find pics and travels memories, desires, ideas, news… and me. Just myself.
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