time machine

I have just come back from a party, i am fu**ing tired and just want to go to bed. I have the sensation of being inside a time machine, all the past is running outside the small room i have around me. I just can stay silent and watch images and things happened, i cant remember exactely when. I am just a girl. I am just a small little child trying to grow up and forget all those things that made me cry. I asked how to forget. There’s no rule. I asked if it is normal to feel like that. The answer was “it is more common than you think”. And I believe there’s somenthing in the universe that connect people, that make hearts beating at the same time. There’ s somenting in the universe bigger than us, a sort of line of energy that can flow through us. I’ d like to know how to switch that line of energy off. No answer for me. Just a silence. And the idea that one day i’ll be free – or i’ll have what i really want. R.



About Raffaella di iorio Photography

I am an italian girl but – at the moment and since 2006 – I live in Madrid, Spain. I am always dreaming of being travelling all around the world… with my Canon in the hands of course. My biggest dream is to be a professional photographer. Guys, I am working on it. In this blog you will find pics and travels memories, desires, ideas, news… and me. Just myself.
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