Low cost travel. How to organize a low budget trip in 8 points.

Guys, how to organize a low cost travel in 8 points. This is the way we organized our last 4 backpack trips (Central Europe interrail, Balkans interrail, Australia and finally Malaysia) with few money.

1. Choose a place in the world

2. Collect all the info about that place in the web. Geography, culture, place of interest etc. etc…

3. Check some specialized travel forum in the web (for Spanish speakers I suggest http://www.losviajeros.com/foros.php) and buy or borrow a guidebook (someone would tell you “you don’t need it” but it will be useful during the travel, not only to organize it). I usually use Lonely Planet, but you can choose any other title.

4. Buy the main flight early, some month before the trip. Do not go to a travel agency, internet is cheaper! Search for bargains, discounts and offers in the web. I suggest www.skyscanner.net

5. You have all the info needed on the country you will visit, so it’s time to write down a “travel plan”: choose the places you want to visit and how many days you want to spend in any place.

6. Your “travel plan” is done. You have now to decide how to travel from one place to another. Choose low cost airlines. Use local trains and buy train passes (such as Interrail or Balkan Flexipass etc. etc.), long distance coaches. Once there, use public transportation, share taxis/shuttles/minivans with other people. And walk!

7. You have the main flight, your itinerary done and the domestic flights booked. Now you have to choose where to sleep.  Choose hostels and bed&breakfasts, small hotels and rooms in private houses. You can find good prices in www.booking.com and www.hostelworld.com . Anyway you can find good suggestions in the travel forums in the web. Personal suggestion: many people would tell you that is better not to book hostels in advance but find the place to sleep once in the city, however having booked them before will save you a lot of time, money and efforts. If you know people in that place, BE THEIR GUEST!

8. Once there, you’d probably have to buy organized visits and day-trips. Check prices in different agencies, ask for suggestions at the tourist office. Depending on the country you’d probably have to negotiate and haggle the price. If you are a student, do not forget your student card for discounts.


Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller.


About Raffaella di iorio Photography

I am an italian girl but – at the moment and since 2006 – I live in Madrid, Spain. I am always dreaming of being travelling all around the world… with my Canon in the hands of course. My biggest dream is to be a professional photographer. Guys, I am working on it. In this blog you will find pics and travels memories, desires, ideas, news… and me. Just myself.
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